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Group Seflie

"I honestly believed I would never find relief from my lower back pain or neck issues but to my surprise after just a few visits not only did I see a great improvement but my family and friends have noticed and commented on how much my walking and balance has improved!  Dr. Dean and his staff are truly remarkable and have made such a huge difference in my daily life!  - Malina L 

"Dr. Dean is a REAL chiropractor! Not an ambulance chaser or insurance milker. His old school hands on approach is refreshing and HIGHLY effective. I'm 52 years old and have been going to chiropractors since I was 7. I walked in with several issues and instead of treating the symptoms, he found and adjusted the root cause. Obviously highly recommended!"  - Dennis W

"Dr, Dean and his staff are extremely friendly and inviting. The office is clean and has a welcoming environment. Dr. Dean is very personable and helped me address all areas of concern during my visit. I generally struggle with allowing strangers to touch me. doctor or not, but at no point during my visit did I feel uncomfortable. I will definitely be returning as well as recommending this office to people I know"  - Hunter L

"Really great experience. The Doc was invested in what I had to say and listened to what I believed caused my back pain. Also gave great tips on what I could do to make my life easier on my back. If you're looking for a great chiropractor, this is the place!"- Blade D

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