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If you've been injured in a car accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident, Uber or Lift accident, or Slip & Fall, We Can Help! Call us today for a free consultation.   

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If you were in a Motorcycle Accident, seek immediate medical attention, it is important to be evaluated as soon as possible. Common Injuries of a motorcycle accident include: Head, spinal, neck, lower back.

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If you have been in a Car Accident, it is  important that you seek treatment quickly. The time to seek chiropractic treatment is within the first couple of days after an accident, even if you're only feeling mild pain and discomfort.


Florida requires you to

Get checked by a doctor within 14 days after an accident

following an auto accident. If you don't see a Doctor you will loose your coverage for any injury you had from the accident. If you do not have pain you should still see a doctor, it is common for pain to increase weeks, or even months after the accident.

Florida is a “no-fault” state,

meaning you have Insurance Protection

regardless of whose fault the auto accident was.

Once again you have ONLY 14 days

to seek medical attention or you will lose access to your personal injury protection (PIP) coverage for that accident.

In the state of Florida,

You may be entitled to a minimum of $10,000

in personal injury protection benefits and lost wages regardless of who was at fault in your car wreck, but you need to understand the time limits, treatment options, and refuting practices to make sure you get all of your benefits.


"Experts in the Car Accident Treatment and Recovery system" 

We participate with major insurance providers, in and out of network.  We also participate with Personal Injury (PIP) Auto Insurance.  We have options designed for patients who are uninsured and under insured.  Although verification of benefits is not a guarantee of coverage, we pre-authorize insurance coverage to help our patients better understand how individual policies apply in our office. 

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Why Choose Spinal Solutions FL


Spinal Solutions FL is a Group of professional medical and chiropractic services that have been helping patients along the road of recovery since 1990. With origins as a Family oriented clinic, we have grown into a wellness and Accident focused clinic in Lakeland, FL. 

Our Clinic specializes in helping patients who have been injured in Car Accidents find relief through safe, high-quality Care and Therapeutic Treatments. Our friendly and experienced staff will make sure you always feel comfortable, stay well-informed, and find pain relief by creating your individual patient plan.

Accurate documentation of you accident and clear description of your injuries and possible permanent  disability will assure you of the best settlement. We are here to help you with your health and best accident outcome.

Give us a call and experience the care and attention that you need and deserve from your doctors. 

Disclaimer: The services provided on this website are not legal services. spinal solutions fl is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice. SPINAL SOLUTIONS FL is a Qualifying Provider that will match you with an attorney that can assist you in the areas of Auto, Motorcycle, Bicycle, Pedestrian, Slip & Fall and Workplace Accidents. Spinal Solutions FL provides marketing for Accident Center injury rehab offices in Polk County.